Star Wars (The Force Awakens)
Bar Patron
The Boat That Rocked Mrs Dormandy
Tooth Whiney Fairy
Come Together Mrs Rose Evans
The Honey Trap Miss Taylor
The End Christal
Strapless Jill
How To Get Ahead In Advertising Debbie
Empire Of The Sun Maude Prentice

The Roman Mysteries Slavia
Men Behaving Badly
Susan Lane

The Detectives Helen
Waiting for God Lucy Maitland
Widows Laura
Vanity Fair Laura
Clarissa Cousin Charlotte
PD Whipper Snapper Central

Woof! Miss Cable

"These days I spend much more time in recording studios than on film or television sets with music having become my main love, but I am so grateful to have had the opportunities I have had to work as an actor, where I have had some brilliant working experiences and made some of my best friends."
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